Can I use VBA in Rules in Outlook 2016 (365)

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I did upgrade from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2016 (365)

The run-a-script-rule-action I got back after adding: "EnableUnsafeClientMailRules" to the register.

But the VBA script is skipped without any warning. 

The other commends in the same rule are working perfect.

Is it still possible to run VBA in rules?

If yes, what can I do, to get it work again?

My email contains an order from my website. I am saving this to a file in a specific folder, so my Local MS Access (365) application can import this automatically

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@Scooter_857 As long as your macro security is correct (low or signed, with in the project signed), scripts will run. Do you have other actions in the rule? Scripts do best when they are the only action. 

@Diane Poremsky 

Thanks a lot. It was indeed the macro security. I didn't see it before.