Can I arrange emails in Outlook on my Android phone?

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I've got two email accounts in Outlook on my Android phone, and today I added my work email account to Outlook on my phone. I'd like to be able to rearrange the order that the emails are listed, when looking at the Accounts view. I've pressed and held each in turn, in hopes that it would recognize that I wanted to move it. It didn't work. I pressed and held for a long time. I pressed and help it very hard. Nothing. Telling me that isn't the way to rearrange the email accounts, if it's possible to do so at all.


So, is it possible to rearrange the email accounts in the Accounts listing, on an Android phone? If so, how is it done?

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Looks like nobody responded since May, too bad. Probably will dump the app and see if they can address the question some day in the future

Isn't that great? Nobody cares about your problem here... I have the same question. But this app is trash in many ways and most basic features there tend to go from bad to worse. But hey, who needs basic functionality, this thing can read my emails aloud /irony off.


So, did you find a better alternative app?


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@Rod Falanga I have the same issue and this is the only fix I've been able to do.

Delete and re-add the accounts in the order you want them to appear. When you re-add an account, it will appear at the bottom of the list.

I feel your pain, I have 5 different Microsoft email accounts on my phone so keeping track can be a nightmare!

This is a rather hacky fix but until press and hold functionality is added, might have to do!

This solution realy works, I've used this several times. But my trouble is that after some time (approximately every 2 or 3 months) my accounts literally reshuffle (without any reason or at least a warning) in an inapprehensible order and I have to delete all of my 7 accounts and add them again.


I've discovered in the android app under settings on the right hand side opposite mail accounts there is a little pencil. Click this and it takes you to a page to rearrange the accounts by moving the handles on the right. Then click the tick in the top right. This reorders the accounts, though for how long I don't know.


I first set them up in the correct order putting 1, 2, 3 ... as the first part of the name but after 5 minutes number 1 had slipped to 4th for no apparent reason. I'm using it on Chromebook as the web version doesn't work.

Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be the same for the Android App on the phone (Ver 4.2123.1), I just tried. (The one on Chromebook is Ver 4.2121.2.) Also though mail is sent (well it appears in the sent folder) it isn't received in either version. Same problem with outlook on the web :(
Thanks very much, this worked flawlessly for me! In fact I'd been here previously but I missed the two horizontal lines for dragging the items around as normally they appear before an item's name rather than at the far right of the page.

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Yes, you can.  I just did it.  Go to Settings (the gear icon).  Under Mail Accounts, click the pencil.  Each account will have double lines on the right hand side.  Use them to order the accounts the way you want.  Click the checkmark.  Get out of settings, and check the order.  If they're sill in the original order, close out the app and re-open it.  They should be in the desired order.@Tony_Arch 

Sorry for the really late reply. The answer is yes. Do the following:
1.) Select the "Settings" gear icon (located in the lower left corner of the swipe menu. It can also be accessed by touching the home button).
2.) Select the "Edit" pencil icon (located to the right of the label "Mail Accounts"
3.) Press and drag the "=" icon (located on right side of e-mail accounts)
4.) After moving the email accounts in the settings, make sure you press the check mark in the upper right corner, to save the configuration.

Hope this helps!
Brilliant. As somebody else said I would "like" your post if I could work out how to do that!
Thanks @emaxwel2, that worked for me.
PS Just in case anyone else looks at this on behalf of someone with multiple accounts, the required 'edit' pencil doesn't (understandably) appear until you have more than one account set up within the Outlook app.
The best email app to date is still Nine Folders.
They have a newer, subscription-based app, but I think the old one is still better.
There are a few drawbacks, but those are based on the limitations of ActiveSync protocols vs true MAPI (Ex: Cannot move email from one account folder to another account folder like you can in Outlook Desktop).

@Rod Falanga 


In outlook for Android you can do this from the settings menu. (Cog that's visible at bottom left below email icons)


Then there's an edit pencil icon next to the email accounts menu tap this then from there you'll see 2 lines next to each email amount tap n hold then drag to reorder release when in the place you want it.  

Tap the tick at the top left when completed. 



hope this helps.























@JiffT Perfect, thank you very much... worked first time!