Interactive Yammer emails coming to Outlook for Windows, Mac, and mobile apps!

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Outlook is the one app to organize your personal communications and time commitments. And now, we’re rolling out a new Yammer integration to make it easier to stay connected to what’s happening in your communities and on top of what’s new in your inbox. You’ll be able to engage with Yammer conversations in Outlook where you can like and respond to the posts from the reading pane of your new message. This way you can stay on task while keeping up with important conversations and announcements from Yammer.


Yammer emails are now interactive across all versions of OutlookYammer emails are now interactive across all versions of Outlook

This capability is currently available for Outlook on the web, and is now rolling out for Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, Outlook for iOS, and Outlook for Android. It leverages adaptive cards and actionable messages in Outlook to enable users to see the details of discussions you are following in Yammer, like, and reply directly from the email notification without having to switch applications or open a browser. You will automatically start to receive these interactive notifications from Yammer in Outlook as soon as we enable this feature for your tenant. You can customize which Yammer notifications you get using this guidance.


Stay connected and engaged while on the goStay connected and engaged while on the go

Connected Experiences

The new Yammer is now in public preview and quickly approaching worldwide release. It includes new features like a variety of community announcement options and changes to the live events and publisher experiences that will drive new opportunities for engagement and generate new notifications in Outlook.


Actions like voting on Yammer polls, attaching recent files, and replies including rich text in replies are already interactive on Outlook on the web. We’re excited to continue building out similar experiences in Outlook for Windows, Mac, and mobile in the coming months. Keep an eye on the Outlook blog and Yammer blog for the latest news and best practices as well as what’s coming soon on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.


- Eugenie Burrage

Eugenie is a senior product marketing manager on the Outlook Team

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@Eugenie Burrage. looking forward to this integration of Yammer and Outlook!

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When are you going to fix the bug that moved or deleted emails go back to Inbox on Android version? I need bugs fixed first before all the new blows and whistles. It is probably 4 months now and in app support keeps saying me this is a known issue and i should wait for an update. Abysmal.


@Eugenie Burrage 


Hey Eugenie, Is this a slow rollout?  I have two e-mail account from the same system.  One is show the new interactive e-mail but the other is still showing old Yammer messages.  Is there something that needs to be enabled somewhere on Outlook for Windows somewhere?  Thanks!

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Are there any updates on this will be rolling out?


hi @palmerc02@PeppermintLala - We have completely rolled out this feature and there is nothing that you need to do to turn it on for yourselves (except of course turning on your email notifications from Yammer). 


@palmerc02 - Just making sure you're aware that currently we do not support interactivity in Yammer's Digest emails. That's still something we're working on. Can you please send me a screenshot of the said old email via direct message? This will help us troubleshoot what might be going wrong for you. 

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hi, I know this is a quite old announcement but just some days ago I started to see this feature appearing in Outlook.

But it is really annoying to have half of the screen space occupied by a "Sorry" Message. Can this be disabled somehow?




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