What are the limitations of SharePOint Migration Tool?

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We have limited set of user (2000) and total size approx 5 TB for all the users. Avg size of data 4-5 GB per user.


We are planning to migrate users in batch using MIcrosoft SharePoint Migration tool to their respective OneDrive sites.


I want to know the pre-requisite including min bandwidth required and limitations of SharePoint MIgration tool. 


Please advise






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I already seen these url, but did not found anything from limitations, please advise.


As far as Pre-Requisite, I found the information from 





I just tested for 3 user migration using CSV. It seems to be working perfect. Only things I noticed that in "Modified By" columns Admin Name is appearing instead of actual username.


Am I missing anything?



Check the metadata options! it might be neccessary to map the users aswell

I  am not able to found metadata options for OneDrive, can you please share url and location.

I looked it up and it seems the modified date attribute isn't supported. What does "created by" say? this should be migrated


/ Adam

Modified Date is coming properly. Created Date is showing as migration date and time.


Created by is also showing as Admin Name.


Seems this is the limitation (Modified by and created by field) in the tool. If that is the concern, then this tool is not for us :).

Hi Adam


Finally I got the issue, the files which I was migrating has no metadata information with associated  files. Then we copied some files where we have metadata information available with the files and did migration.


Bingo, it works as expected. All the metadata are properly populating after migration.


BTW, still I am not able to found any article on Limitation of MS SharePoint Migration Tool. Any idea?


Thanks for your help.




I have a task to migrate Lotus Notes databases from Microsoft 2003 server to Sharepoint using SharePoint Migration tool. What's the correct migration tool used for this purpose and what version of Lotus Notes does the migration tool support.
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