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Microsoft is telling me that I have overflowed my Microsoft space allowed. This appears to be One Drive. As far as I am concerned I don't use OneDrive it appears that I lot of pictures have ended up in One Drive without my knowledge.  I briefly found One Drive and and it appears that random photos have ended up there over the years.


I am finding difficulty accessing those photos again. I how to I prevent them going into OneDrive in future please?

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It's difficult knowing the exact situation as we don't know how you use your computer, what operating system you're using etc.

Are you using OneDrive (white cloud icon) or OneDrive for Business (blue icon).

Are your desktop, document and Pictures folders redirected to sit inside OneDrive?

Do you use programs that may have installed image libraries under any of the above folders?

Do the images look like email attachments? Your email storage comes out of your OneDrive allocation, and that will be mostly consumed by large attachments like images and other media.