Sync Documents, Desktop and Picture folders with another pc

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because I have to move to another pc I don't want to copy and paste all files in Desktop, Documents and Pictures from the old to the new one, so I thought it was quick to use OD4B backup feature that copy on the cloud all the data in these folders.

Now, how I can point my new Desktop, Documents and Pictures in the new pc to the folders online in OD4B? Is it simple like change location of the folders to point to the folders online?





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Hey @Marco Mangiante 


I've used the same technique as the link below to achieve what I think you are trying to do.




Hello @HidMov 


thanks for you help. So what I supposed is a good working solution. I noticed in the last comment in the article that it point to the procedure that I followed to backup my data, but I don't understand why Microsoft has not created another document where they specified how to do when you want to use that files over other devices.

This backup procedure is very good when you have to restore the data on a new pc and it is very quick.


Thanks Mark.