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Hi guys,


I spent a little time this week deep diving into deploying the new OneDrive client in my organization with the aim of getting the auto configure feature working for new users.  The goal is for a new user to log on to a computer for the first time and have the policy set up their OneDrive without any IT interaction.  I got it to work (actually it's quite nice, great job) so I'm not asking for help per-se but more maybe suggesting something.


My understanding is that when a new user logs onto a PC for the first time, the OneDrive client is installed from \Windows\SysWow64.  The problem is in a scenario where you have Win10 1703 or even 1709 installed, they will not have the correct version in SysWow64 without some sort of proactive tweaking from IT either via script/SCCM or whatever to put the correct version there.   Is it possible for you guys to have that file pushed via Windows Update or something to make the source as current as possible?






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Curious to what your talking about here. Wondering if this is why I can’t get it working. Quite a few others as well. What version client and I guess is this something else not documented that is needed?

I'm talking about having the version of OneDriveSetup.exe that resides in Windows\SysWow64 be updated on a constant basis vs being static.  There're rolling out features that require a certain version level of the client be installed for a user to be able to leverage things like autoconfiguration for a new user and offline files (files on demand or whatever you want to call it).


It took a bit to figure out what happens, but if you follow the steps to silently configure the OneDrive client as outlined HERE, the expectation is that any one that logs onto a computer for the first time gets their OneDrive client automatically configured for them (logged into OneDrive) without any interaction on their/IT's part.  However, the way the OneDrive client is set up for a new user on a system is that it will pull the installation for OneDrive from the SysWow64 folder, which from what I've seen is whatever version happened to be around when Windows 10 was installed.  The client will autoupdate itself eventually but by that time you can configure it manually, so the Silent Config doesn't work in that scenario.  What needs to happen is that the version in SysWow needs to be up to date first so it can install the correct version for new users.


Once this is done it actually works beautifully.  The version I have is 1703.3.7076.1026.

Beautiful. So you actually have to have the very first login or it won’t work? Cause I’ve updated and rebooted and no bueno.

Good info I’m going to have my deployment guy update his image with this and give it s whirl. Thanks!

Well, you can sign on and wait for the client to update itself but you've already configured it at that point, so what's the point?  lol. You can also wait for the unsigned on client to update itself but it takes a bit.. again - what's the point of waiting?