Sharepoint / One Drive Files on demand for High Sierra OS

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I have two office macs that are running High Sierra OS. I have over 130gb of files stored in sharepoint and would like to access them via the finder on the mac, but all I can see is the option to sync folders to the HDD. I don't want to do this as I want to save HDD space and have them online only. However, Microsoft says that in order to access files on demand, I need to have Mojave OS installed. 


Is there no other workaround to solve this? The idea was to move away from dropbox to sharepoint, but at the moment, dropbox seems to be the better option as I can sync on demand on all devices.

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I'm afraid that to use files on demand foe OneDrive in Mac OS, you need version 10.14 or newer as per


Shown below

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 20.08.14.png

Thanks @PeterRising for your help.

This is really disappointing for us as it doesn't make it user friendly or very efficient when we have to access all of our files and folders through a web browser, and storing them locally on HDD isn't an option due to the file sizes. Looks like its back to Dropbox we go...



Mac devices not capable of supporting newer OS versions?

@PeterRising Unfortunately 2 of our office macs can only go up to High Sierra which is a couple of years behind what they need to be in order for the files on demand to work. Might be a little bit of an overkill to go out and get two brand new Macs for this!



Yeah I get that this must be annoying. Unfortunately it is what it is.