SharePoint Document Library not unsyncing. Ideas around issue?

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We have a SharePoint Library that will not stop syncing. We have paused and stopped syncing other librarires succesfully but this one library does not want to go away. I follow the same steps to remove it but it stays where it is at.

I assume it could be a cache issue, but my question is if I repair the library won't all of my other libraries need to be rescynced as well? Are there any other thoughts on the potential problem?


No error messages are received either.

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Hi Christopher,


could you expand on the information a little further. For example is the SP library sync not working on multiple PC's or just on one?


Repairing the Library shouldn't mean you need to resync everything else because if you've successfully unassociated the other libraries then the OFBD client should be clear of them.


Have you tried on a clean install computer connecting to juse that sync'd library and disconnecting to see if that works?

I have not tried this specific library on other PCs yet, previously I had a similar issue and when I ran the repair it stopped syncing all of my libraries. Including the ones that were working fine. I was just curious as to if anyone knew if this behaviour had changed recently. I know with the NGSC being out that there probably hasn't been many updates for the old sync client.

From my (ever growing) list of things to do if OD4B doesn't behave properly, like not stopping to sync:


  • Turn on the options in Explorer so that you can see every file, including system files and hidden files.
  • Check if you can see "sync icons" or "red marks" on some documents. (Note that you'll have to look at every directory within that document library. Sometimes the "sync icon" doesn't get propagated to the top of the directory tree.)
  • Some of Windows' files cannot and will never be synced, like "desktop.ini" or temporary files from Office.
    • If you see "desktop.ini" check the SharePoint document library with a web browser. If you see the file on SharePoint delete it.
    • Otherwise just delete "desktop.ini" in your Explorer.
    • If you see temp files from Office, open the corresponding Office document with Word, Excel, whatever. Make the document active and close it (without saving). The temp file should go away.
    • If you don't see a corresponding Office document just delete the temp file.
  • If you see "sync marks" on Office documents,
    • open them and close them (from the Explorer)
    • open them, save them again (from the Explorer)
    • open them directly via the Office application and not via the Explorer
  • If that doesn't help, move the files out of the shared library (like on the Desktop), wait a little, and move them back.
  • If you see marks on a folder, move the folder out of the library, wait, and move it back.

Most of the sync problems can be solved by simply opening the "erroneous" files.


The worst thing that you may encounter is that you don't see any sync icon at all. If that happens you can only try to un-sync that library, delete in on your computer, and sync it again.

If you cannot un-sync a library you are almost always better off with stopping everything and clearing the cache according to