Select All Feature for OneDrive Mobile

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My question is why is there not a select all feature for OneDrive? Particularly on mobile. I cannot tell you how many pictures or random files I didn't even want uploaded to the cloud are just sitting there taking up space.

I have my OneDrive set up on my gaming desktop and for some reason OneDrive uploaded thousands of jpg's from files IN THE GAME. Thousands. And I cannot go through thousands of random things to delete them only to have them re-uploaded. Makes absolutely no sense.
Please. For ease of mind and use add this feature.

It's a super simple fix.
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@TStan22711965 You are best to look at your OneDrive configuration on your desktop. It has no idea that it's a gaming machine or that the images relate to a game. If you have content stored in folders inside OneDrive then it is simply doing as expected. No more, no less.


I suspect you have folder redirection turned on for OneDrive, so that your Desktop, Documents and  Pictures are inside the OneDrive folder. If you are installing games to your desktop (or  Documents) then they will all be uploaded.