See what I've shared and with whom?

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Good day all!


I had one my senior IT leaders notice there were a bunch of documents showing up in Delve that she didn't want shared with the world. Upon further review we learned that some where showing only to her, but there were indeed some documents that were visible to the entire company because they were in a public group. I explained how groups worked and so she changed the group setting to private and those files are now safely visible only to the proper individuals. I am concerned that others might have done the same thing, or might have accidently shared files and/or folders with the world not knowing they had done so. I expected to find a link somewhere that would show me what I had shared and with whom across all of the OneDrive for Business Pools, inlcuding Group and Teams, but I cannot find it.


Does such a link exist, and in the absence of one is there some way I can teach my users to do a self audit to make sure they aren't "airing their dirty laundry" in public?


Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can drop on me.



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Well, IMHO there is not a direct way but in this post you can find some valid approaches that could help you:

You can run eDiscovery/Content search to report on all externally shared content:

The option to see Files that you have Shared with others has been on the OneDrive team roadmap for quite some time.  The last roadmap I saw earlier int he year said it would be delivered in Q3 this who knows, maybe it'll show up at Ignite.

but if not, I am sure we'll see an updated roadmap slide from the OneDrive team @ Ignite and hopefully we'll learn the new ETA then.