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Hi all,

I've came across the following article:


First of all, I am very surprised because I did know nothing about it. So I decided to follow the steps in my OneDrive in order to test it, but for my surprise, this feature is not yet implemented in any of my tenants, even in those were first release is selected.


Everyone has the same problem? Anyone has any clue when this feature will be implemented at least in first reléase tenants?



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If you look in the Message Center in your Office 365 admin you'll see the feature announced and a timeline for its arrival.

Totally right, but I was impressed how a colleague can find this new article even before Microsoft has rolled out the change.


Anyway, thanks!

Because Microsoft likes to Troll us with changes before we can actual use them. Go to all the various twitter pages, you will see. NEW FEATURE, YOU CAN NOW DO X. When none of the following can be done in live environments. It's frustrating but that's just how they roll.
Perfect example of that: The message reads like it's live and you can do it, but in the comments Mark says it's still in final testing :P.

Let me respond here:


  • First off, sorry for any confusion. Our goal is to always be sure to make you aware of features before they land. We try to get an MC post up 2-3 weeks before the feature rolls out when possible. So that you can plan for the feature and not be surprised.
  • We also want to make sure support documentation is in place at that time when possible
  • We were still testing the feature and making sure it's was ready for prime time. We do not want to say a date for release and then change that due to an issue. We want our releases to be as rock solid as possible.
  • The feature starts rolling out today and will take a few weeks to complete the rollout.
  • Details on OneDrive Files Restore feature and rollout are available in the OneDrive blog here which I posted this morning.

Feel free to post any additional questions! Thanks-


Stephen Rose- Sr PMM-OneDrive