Remove shortcut no longer available in File Explorer?

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How do users remove shortcuts from the new File Explorer OneDrive pop-up?

I can only remove shortcuts via the browser now. Where has that functionality gone? 


A few other suggestions to this pop up:

Why hide the share feature under a cryptical icon and under show more option?- Clearly a very useful feature which should be spotted and accessed easily. 

How do I open this file/folder online now? This was a feature in the previous pop up iteration. 





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@Philine von Guretzky 

To remove shortcuts from the File Explorer OneDrive pop-up, you can follow these steps:


1.If you want to remove the folders under a main folder, you will need to manually stop syncing it in the OneDrive Settings.

2.You can also unlink OneDrive. Generally, if you unlink OneDrive, the OneDrive sync folder will become a normal folder, and then you can delete the OneDrive sync folder directly.

As for your suggestions:

The share feature is indeed important and should be easily accessible. In File Explorer, you can share files by selecting the file, then select Share on the ribbon. You can also right-click on the file and select Share4567.

To open a file or folder online from File Explorer, you can sign in to and select OneDrive. Then right-click a file and select a command8. You can also change the default action for double-clicking a file type in Office Online and OneDrive.


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