"Shared with Me" folders are missing

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My company is adding a new user in our system and we shared our main company folder with the new user through Direct Share. The e-mail invite for the shared folder went through, and the user could click on the link and access the folder, but the folder never showed up in the "Shared with Me" section of OneDrive. Our administrator deleted and created the account, and we are now experiencing a different sharing issue. When the new user clicks on the folder invite, it tries to pull up a SharePoint page (we are not currently using SharePoint) and it says "you need to request access to this page". But when access is granted, nothing happens. And the folder still does not show up in "Shared with Me".


Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening and how to correct it? We've created half a dozen other users in the system and have been able to share this folder with all of them. I'm not sure why this one isn't working (and we are accessing the account online through our web browser, not through a OneDrive app on the computer)

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