Padlock issue

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Hello I have folders/Documents that we share across many team members that I have been getting feedback on that there are issues with. I go in to OneDrive and notice that folder has a padlock next to the main folder and all the sub folders (This is the only one among many that has the padlock). I have tried to solve on my own, but I am stuck.


I checked the metadata/columns to see if there was a section that had "required fields" that were causing this to lock, and I confirmed that there are no requirements.


I checked user permissions (These are synced via Teams/SP) and all users have contribute access.


I am not sure what else can cause this. As mentioned before there are many folders and subfolders that do not have this issue, seems to be this unique one.


Any ideas??

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So is this a document library in your onedrive or from SharePoint? You are poking around at metadata have you added any custom columns at all? were you messing with library settings? Turned off offline sync in the advanced settings?

@Chris Webb Yes, I have checked Metadata (no required columns), Ensured that the offline synced is set to "yes", etc.


The strange thing is this is that the folder with the padlock is a subfolder in the overall SP/OneDrive storage. All other folders are working with no issues, it seems to be this folder in particular that is being "locked"