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few questions to the community:


1) Refresh Dates

i'm not sure if i'm the only one, but what is the reason why some of the Usage Reports  have not been refreshed since "days" ? 

for instance the OneDrive activity says:  Data as of: Monday, October 23, 2017 (UTC)  whereas the skype one was updated on the 26th of October

..any ideas ?


2) Details about the Reports

Is there ANY SOURCE where it is explained what details are shown in each of the reports ?

What counts as "last activity date" for onedrive ? 

 - an upload event ?

 - any activity  ?

 -only one of the 5 events which are available as columns in the report ?

I do a lot of upload/downloads to OfB, but these events are not really reflected in the reports.

I even have the feeling that they are counted within the Sharepoint Activity report...


i remember that the Last activity date column in the O365 groups activity reports is only based on the Exchange activity and not overall (just to mention one example of inconsistency here) 


so i appreciate any source where all details concerning the reports are listed  (what is the source for each of the columns)

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They've tried to explain this in the documentation:


Refresh dates are 24h/48h, but data can lag sometimes. Activity is any file related activity (save, sync, modify, or share). @Anne Michels can probably share more details :)

thanks vasil


so would an upload/download via Web UI also count in here:
--> "Files viewed or edited is the number of files that the user uploaded, downloaded, modified, or viewed. "

i would say "yes"..but i'm not sure :)


if yes, why do i see no activity in my report although i upload/download hundreds of files ? :)


i'm not sure if this happens only in my tenant, but if i perform Rest API calls against OneDrive (uploading/downloading a file in an automatic way) then i don't see this activity in the OneDrive Usage report at all :(((


i'm using Graph API here:


i've checked the SPO Activity Report too (just to be sure) but i don't see it there as as well


any ideas whats wrong here ?

Hi Vasil, 

Is there a way to get to these data from OneDrive Usage Report programaticaly? I mean thru Office Graph API or so? Its great its in admin center and your article perfectly explains everything but I would need to go to that section, export and than model data and so on... with data feed I can connect into some of custom powerBI reports we he build around OneDrive adoption. 


ps: I know about out of box O365 Adoption Dashboard but we use custom reports to drive and monitor adoption. 




Of course this is possible via graph :)

Hi Stefan,

thats what my thought was as well but when you browse thru documentation for that API it supports alot but the last activity on personal site (aka Onedrive) level is not there.

second thought was, right it must be on user profile level, but no luck there either


one way would be to read last modify date for each file and evaluate lastest one and claim it as last activity date but thats not good for large scale environments, we keep 2PB in onedrive so it will take ages to complete. 


oh i see...


yes, last activity on your personal site is not covered by graph api.


honestly, i doubt that this will be added

(i'm personally waiting for other APIs (MS Teams) which are still not be available )


but for sure there is a cool powershell cmdlet which can pull this information (but i prefer APIs instead of PowerShell cmdlets)