OneDrive Upload/Sync VERY slow

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I'm been trying for a couple weeks to upload a folder with about 350 GB of new data to my OneDrive (by copying the folder into my onedrive folder on my macbook pro). OneDrive will sync relatively fast, until at some point it just decides to crawl or even stop. Every now and then it will perk back up in spurts but always stops again. Here's a rough overview:

1. At first, it uploaded 20GB rather quickly. But then the slowing down started.

2. Restarting sometimes helps - when it restarts it might upload a 2-5 GB before stopping again.

3. I had one large 140GB zip file that it was stuck on for a week. I finally decided to delete the file and upload the unzipped content instead, and also cleared my trash. Somehow, it continued to upload the zip file even though it did not exist in my file system. I did the same with a bunch of node_modules directories that are large and contain a bajillion files. I deleted these and cleared trash, but it seems they are still being uploaded.

4. In order to prevent my computer from logging out (I have a corporate policy that forces it), I found that running powerpoint in presentation mode will stop it from logging out. 

5. This does mean that powerpoint is running during the sync- but I don't think that is affecting it. There were two times where it suddenly came alive and uploaded ~100GB each time, with powerpoint in presentation mode.

6. It finally got down to 20GB, 120K files remaining (likely the node.js files mostly). But after days of barely making progress through those I restarted my computer again.

7. Like before, after taking a long time to log in and search for changed file, it would go fairly quickly for a gigabyte or 2, then throttle down again (I do not have throttling turned on)

8. The last time it restarted, it suddenly bumped up to 110 GB remaining to upload again. Ugh. I guess it is finding more as it moves through? I've seen this a few times but this was the biggest jump.


I don't know what to do -- I really need to get this computer synced up. I have a 2 GB fiber link and I get blazing speeds both up and down. I've done this wired and wifi. None of that matters. It will crawl to a trickle. I've monitored the upload bytes at the router to make sure the progress being shown was correct, and it is. 


I'm really getting frustrated- this is nonsense. In the time it took to write this, not a single additional byte has transferred. Ugh.

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Why not use the online version of OneDrive, accessible from to upload your data there. The sync may not be able to handle writing so much data back to the online environment at once



Hi, did you ever get a solution for this?  I have the same issue . . .