OneDrive unable to sync due to lack of space - even when uploading through web interface

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My OneDrive reports there being approximately 700 GB of free space out of a 1TB limit.  However, it is failing to sync approximately 100GB of files.  I have tried:


  1. Unlinking and relinking the OneDrive client;
  2. Resetting the OneDrive client; and
  3. Uploading files through the web interface.

In each case, the same files will not upload/sync and OneDrive gives an error that it is out of space.


Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Maybe your recycle bin is large and it's reporting the free space on active files? If you check your recycle bin is it large? Also make sure you aren't trying to upload any files over 15GB, this might be triggering a space alert, but might be inaccurate to the type that's triggering it.

The error is from your OneDrive or from your local Hard Disk?