onedrive - sync issue

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Will be changing from win 10 to win 11 system. I thought onedrive might be helpful in file transfers but ran into some issues. Unless I subscribe to cable or satellite service, I am topped out at 10Mbte transfer rate - slow for the amount of data to back up and transfer. I also found that many files I routinely use are 'locked out' as 'sync pending.' Can't use or edit them. I did find I could copy them to an external drive and use them so I did that.  The question remains that if I stop the sync process, will the 'sync pending' flags go away and release my files? What do I need to do to get that accomplished?

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First I exited onedrive and that cleared the 'sync pending' flags up until I tried to remove the onedrive folder only to almost trash my entire file system. Took nearly 2 hours to recover but NOW, even with onedrive disabled on startup, fully half my file system is still unavailable for being tied up in the onedrive folder. I have been able to recover 3 sub-folders from the onedrive folder by copying to a new folder. The problem is how do I release the 'sync pending' flags and gain access to all my files again?


Just finished working on my file system. Found the unlink this pc button in onedrive. I had to restart it to get that. Once the unlink completed and I had once again exited onedrive I still had some problems but only in the 'quick access window. All I had to do to fix that was unpin the blocked icons and return to the original files, now unlocked, to re-pin them. Unlinking the pc removed the 'sync pending' flags restoring file access.


I post this edit in case it may help others foolish enough to use onedrive (at all) on a slow access internet connection.