OneDrive Sync app health - questions

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(all my requirements are met for the OneDrive Sync app health)


as stated in the title - I have some questions that accumulated as I work with OneDrive:


1. Intune policy - I am assuming OneDrive policy, 'Sync Admin Report' specifically, will make all necessary configuration on devices for this telemetry to work?



2. Intune - no need to add registry key, despite what's described here (which does not mention Intune):


3. None of my (co-man'ed) machines has that registry key and they seem to report just with the aforementioned Intune policy (and correct Tenant Association Key ) - so i am assuming that reg key is not needed(?)


4. When the OneDrive agents upgrades does it generate new OD device ID? (I can find that out myself) When new ID is created? I have many duplicated devices which makes the dashboard useless.


5. Other are not questions but more requests - but maybe some are on the roadmap, if so for when?

- access via API (!!!)

- clean duplicated records on-demand, leave only the latest check-in - so that the dashboard starts to make sense

- select / export / take an action eg. initiate an upgrade - I do it by Proactive Remediation now as I do not find the built in scheduled tasks very reliable (why they have no run history?) - always install the latest version from:

which btw is almost always out of date (the text version on that website)


which I hope won't change in future


Any answers or thoughts welcome.

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