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Hello friends!

I've simulate in my lab environment an hybrid Azure AD environment containing a domain controler, a separate server with Azure AD Connect and two test machines. AD Connect is configured with Hybrid Join, Password Hash Synchronization and SSO enabled.

My test machines appear in Azure AD as hybrid joined whthout assigned owner,but this seems to be the correct behaviour.

Following several guides like


I´ve configure Onedrive silent configuration but it doesn´t work. When the user signs in the ondrive sync client looks for updates and after that it doesn´t do anything more, it just shows the message "Not signed in".

I´ve applied the script mentioned in this article on an AD Joined machine and it works perfectly

but on my hybrid joined machines with the GPOs nothing happens, it seems like the silent config process doesn´t even start . My GPOs enable the "Silent move Windos Knowb folders to Onedrive" and the "Silently sign in users to their Onedrive Sync app with their windows crdentials" and also add "" and "" to the local intranet sites.

Someone has experienced such a  behaviour? I´m missing something important not mentioned in the guides? 

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you in advanced

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Hello again!

there was some kind of problem with the VLAN in my Lab. I´ve create a brand new VLAN without firewall/proxy etc between machines and Azure AD and the same configuration works perfectly. In addition I have also rollout the SSO configuration to the users like it os described here

Hope it helps!