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Hi,  probably a silly question (and sorry if it is!) but is it possible to get real-time/live reports for OneDrive active users/files?  I can just find reports for the last 7 days and which doesnt include today.  

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Go to admin center - reports - OneDrive! There's 180 days history there but it can take 24-48 hours til it shows


Also you can use the audit log in the security and compliance center to search for lot's of different kinds of file and sharing activity!



@adam deltinger  Thanks Adam, I was looking at the reports but with the 24-48 lag its not the most helpful.  Thats why was wondering if there was way of viewing the live data



What is the data you need?

The audit log is recent so you can see selected events as they happen 

@adam deltinger thanks again, was after live connections to onedrive and file access/sync.  I can see this under auditing.  Might be something need a 3rd party app



What exactly do you understand by "live reports for OneDrive active users/files"? The closes you can get to real-time data is what Adam mentioned above. Unless all you care about is the sharing scenario - for that you can configure notifications via the BccExternalSharingInvitations parameter, or configure a transport rule that adds additional recipients.