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A heavy requirement for our users is the ability to sync/offline view an entire Document Library which they can do via their Laptops/Desktops when accessing SharePoint Online.


When using the OneDrive mobile app though and accessing the SharePoint Online documents we do not seem to have an option to make available offline the whole document library.  We do have the option in making subdirectories though offline.  Does anyone know if we will get the ability with the OneDrive mobile app in having a while document library be eligible for offline viewing?  Right now our users have to select multiple subdirectories for having content viewable offline through their mobile devices (i.e iPad, android cell phone etc) which is not a good experience specially when having a large number of subdirectories.   Thank you!

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Yes, this is what is possible at the moment! I also guess this is due to mobile devices normally have less space etc...

If you want to make an impact here I suggest finding on of the many user voices about offline features and make a vote or create your own if they doesn’t suit your description !