OneDrive - Missing "Backup" tab under Settings

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A few machines are showing up missing the Backup tab under settings.  We see Settings, Account, Network, Office, and About, but the Backup tab is missing.  Syncing still seems to be working and everything looks normal.  It doesn't matter which users log on, the tab does not appear for the machine.   Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.




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Check the client version, it might be outdated.

@Ricardo Viana we tried updating to the current production version, 19.174.0902.0013, but still no good.




then it might be a GPO, check if you have this key.


@Ricardo Viana  EnableMove is set to 1 on the machine.   


After digging around we think we found the issue.  Our firewall team blocked and also  On newly imaged machines, OneDrive cannot complete the update/setup.