OneDrive Known Folder Move client update?

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On my current win10 Surface pro the onedrive client now has the KFM option and its working great.

I just got a new surface laptop, I made sure its running win10 1803 and the latest office o365 install. But my ondrive client on this device does not have the KFM setting yet? Its connected to the same o365 account as my surface.

Why and when should I expect the onedrive client to update on the surface laptop? v. 2018 build 18.111.0603.0004 and older version than is on my surface pro.


Also, I assume I need to goto uservoice, but why were IE/Edge bookmarks included in the KFM options?



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OneDrive updates itself using a scheduled task that is configured to run once a day.  The task looks like it just runs the updater EXE with no parameters, so you should be able to run this on your machine to trigger the update:




Edit: Although, now that I see your post is 5 days old, I assume that your client has long since updated automatically.  Sorry for being late to the party. 

I tried running that exe from a command prompt. It just returned to the command prompt and didn't do anything. I rebooted to see if that would help and nope.
Should I run it from an elevated prompt?
the scheduled task just shows running for awhile then nothing :(

No, it shouldn't be necessary to run it elevated.  If it didn't update your client, it may be that it doesn't see a newer version available.  Perhaps that computer isn't configured for Insider/Targeted Release channel?