Onedrive has detected an antivirus program that can cause online-only files to download - Warning

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One of our users recently reported receiving this warning:

ojne drive.jpg

We use Symantec Endpoint. I can't find anything online relating to this error and am wondering if this will actually cause issues down the road / what we can do to prevent this?


Any insight would be extremely appreciated.

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That's basically related to the Files on demand feature. Some applications (including some Microsoft one) don't know how to properly handle "online only" files, which in turn causes them to request the full file and download it. In general you should be able to block them from doing so, but the only controls are exposed when the download starts, via a notification. You can then find a list of blocked app under Settings -> Privacy -> Automatic file downloads, but as you can see on that page, there is only "Allow" button and no way to add another app.