OneDrive for Business hybrid integration with GSuite Email

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Hi Community,


Would like to know your inputs here. We have a customer who is using GSuite and Office 365 but they are planning to use the email of Google and the OneDrive of Office 365. I was thinking this is possible they just have to point the MX to Google and the other needed records to Office 365.


So the end result that they want is to have same email address on GSuite email and to OneDrive.


Will there be any conflict on the DNS perspective? or any factors we forgot to look at.


Thank you!

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Main problem here is that you are not going to be able to validate the domain being used in both platforms so you are not going to have a pure hybrid architecture. You will end disabling the e-mail part in Office 365 so you don't have side effects on the GMail side

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

What do you mean by will not be able to validate the domain?


Yes, that it the output they want to disable Email in Office 365. Would there be any issues?