OneDrive for Business - Azure RemoteApps - Hanging Login / Not working

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Having a couple issues with Azure Windows Virtual Desktop VMs that could be OneDrive related.  For the VMs described below, we have OneDrive installed with the /Allusers switch for machine mode, Group Policies in place to start OneDrive automatically on login, enable Files on Demand, and Sync / File Redirection start automatically on login as well.  For the RemoteApps, we also have the Registry setting at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RailRunonce set to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive\OneDrive.exe” /background so OneDrive runs when the RemoteApps start.  


We are having the following issues:

  • When we have Azure WVD VMs in a host pool (GPU VMs with NV12s_v3 Size) running RemoteApps that our students use to access as part of their Virtual Computer Labs.  When the machines have been up and running for a while and users try to access a RemoteApp, the app hangs and wont start.  Clicking on Show Details on the app loading screen shows that the VM is hung at Preparing Windows.  If you try to Remote into the VM that the App is trying to start from, you get a black screen once you login.  You can do a CTL-ALT-END, start Task Manager, start things from the File Menu of Task Manager, but the Desktop Never Shows up.  It takes a reboot of the VM for things to work again.  After the reboot, the issue will come back.


  • When opening RemoteApps successfully, after a while, OneDrive will not show up and give users their available files when they try to open a file in the Application they are using.  The option for OneDrive is empty (Example - if you go to File - Open in an application).  These are not Microsoft Office applications, these are various applications students use (ArcMap / Solidworks / Adobe app /etc).  Again, only a reboot of that VM fixes the issue.

If OneDrive is not set to run automatically on login or dont have the option for RemoteApps in registry, these issues arent happening.


Any help is greatly appreciated....

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