OneDrive extremely slow

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For the last 5-7 weeks with my laptop on nearly 24 hours per day , the upload process is less than 35 % complete. I am using the OneDrive app for this, not File Explorer. The process and this app is impractical to use. I have followed all all the articles posted, the training posted, used the user community for suggestions, done my due diligence and still no further ahead. OneDrive is a monster to use, totally impractical . What do I do?

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I actually came here specifically to mention how terrible OneDrive is. Interesting how one of the first discussions that shows up is someone else having issues with it. It is uploading files automatically without asking or telling me. Even worse, it is deleting the files locally without asking or telling me. Fidgeting with the settings(why is it even on by default? 'Set up later' during OS setup should not mean "turn it on now and fix it later") and disabling the auto-sync just made all of the files that were already auto-uploaded not even available at all locally. So now I have to go through and manually redownload all of my files, in sections even, because clicking "Download" on anything more than some unspecified file size doesn't even begin the download.

My old Windows 10 PC had OneDrive, but it was nowhere near as annoying as it is now on my new Windows 11 one.

Having it on should not auto-delete anything.

As you said, it is extremely slow itself to upload files. This is made even worse by the fact that it seems to hog all of the bandwidth while not even using it. OneDrive not uploading anything, download speeds of 30Mbps+. OneDrive uploading at 100Kbps(why?), download speeds drop to 200Kbps max, averaging much lower than that. Can't even use a browser or open Outlook because everything internet-related loads extremely slow while OneDrive is trying to do anything. This is unique to OneDrive because normally any other combination of internet activities has no effect on the overall speed.

@TheEthic . Sorry to hear that you are having similar issues. This product should not be on the market. It's a monster and Microsoft does not seem to care one iota about it. I can't get any help from them. In addition to the issues you mentioned, the app ignores the EXCLUDE files configuration, it hangs a lot, does not PAUSE for the stated amount of time, is very slow uploading as stated and many other unworkable features. This whole thing is a Microsoft extortion. They are forcing us to use the Cloud and once you are on OneDrive you can't escape out of it.  If I want to go back and get rid of OneDrive, I have to manually load files back but even this is now unreasonable as many of the files never did upload in the first place so they would be now lost in this whole process. This app has made my life miserable and now I am in a pickle. Sorry I could not help but give you solace that you are not alone in this misery caused by OneDrive.