OneDrive External Sharing Override

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If I look at the OneDrive Settings in the admin centre for a particular user, have the option to enable/disable external sharing for that individual.  Does external sharing need to be enabled globally for this option to have any effect?  Or can it be used to override a global off setting, and enable external sharing for just one individual?  If I try and turn it on, I get the error message 'Update failed for OneDrive external sharing setting'. 

(For info, the account being used is a global admin, but not a SharePoint admin.)



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I want to say your sharepoint slider has to to up to external allowed and then you can override but leave OneDrive down as that’s a global setting that will effect all users. With the sharepoint one up by default shareoint won’t turn external on and you have to do per site. But let me verify in test tenant.

That's the way we have it - SharePoint most permissive, OneDrive least permissive, and SharePoint sharing turned off for all sites.

Any other guidance available anywhere that might shed some light on this for me?

Please check out our sharing settings and guidance here:

I'd read that, but it didn't help.