OneDrive - doesn't upload files - reset without dataloss a solution?

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Hi Folks,


i need your help regarding OneDrive. I already searched the web and followed best practices, but nothing helped so far. 

The issue:
OneDrive for Business does not upload new or edited files (regardless of filetype). New files from Sharepoint or OneDrive Storage will be downloaded by the sync engine.  The only thing OneDrive presents is "processing changes". I checked different things:


  • for hidden files,
  • for files with tilde charakter
  • move, renamed files
  • delete the dot file in the folder (just tested it with one folder)

In many ways doing a OneDrive reset helped a lot. This time is different. There are files for at least 5 days work on the local machine, which are not uploaded to SharePoint. These files are scattered in lot of different folders. 


My question - do files which are not uploaded before the reset survive the reset?
I would do this one: (%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset)

Or does the reset mean "flush local storage"?

I really struckle how to solve the sync issue without losing the data, which currently stored on the local computer. By local computer I mean in the OneDrive sync folder.

Currently I the machine is a Windows 1903. I already thought about to upgrade to the latest release, maybe this will help the sync engine. But also here the same worry, does the not uploaded files survive.

I really appreciate any hints. :) Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,

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Hi Folks, :)


I just searched and found the answer on the support page (somehow I must have over read it).
It is save to reset OneDrive, no local files will be deleted.


Reset OneDrive - Office Support (

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