Onedrive auto-login: not working when changing to different machine in domain

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School here. Onedrive 4B, Version 21.139 (64bit, installed per machine)
Domain hybrid AAD joined
User profiles centrally stored on fileshare
Teachers and Students frequently change machines, and need to be signed in to Onedrive automatically without having to type mail adress..

GPO for automatic sign in is in place.

It works, if in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OneDrive\

resetting key SilentBusinessConfigCompleted=1 to 0

Then, after logging out and in again, Onedrive automatically logs user in with his windows credentials....

In registry, a subkey ACCOUNTS\BUSINESS1 is created in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OneDrive\

and populated with dozens of values....

Now if user logs of from machine 1 and logs into machine 2 with his server-stored profile (NTUSER.dat on file-server),

Ondrive no longer can log in automatically..... and the ACCOUNTS\BUSINESS1 keys are mostly deleted... some 3 or 4 survive...

When again setting SilentBusinessConfigCompleted back to 0 , log off, log on .... then it signs in automatically again, BUT ONLY on THIS MACHINE.. and Business1 is populated again..

My suspicion is, this happens if for some reasons autologin fails..maybe if it is first login on another machine, maybe due to a timeout when first login takes too long creating local profile?

Now when logging off, and in again on A it is not connenting because Business1 is not configured... As it comes from fileshare ntuser.dat

Thinking about a login Script, resetting Silentbusinessconfigcompleted back to 0 on every login...

This would kill the using of Onedrive in a shared machine environment.
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