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We were trying to test the file request feature against our main tenant as we see the option now available in OneDrive.  However, it seems there is an additional step for us to be able in leveraging this feature. We are getting an error message that says "Cannot create the file request. Anyone links with folder edit permissions must be enabled in your organization".  The onedrive folder we wanted to test this out had unique permissions allowing anyone in the company with edit permissions.  Is this a tenant or DLP setting? Any advice is appreciated.

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Can you share a screenshot of your sharing settings configuration in SPO and ODFB?

@Juan Carlos González Martín  Thank you below are the screenshots.  We do not allow external access or anonymous access in our tenants. Thanks

That is why it does not work, you must have anyone links (External sharing) enabled in order to use the feature. It was mostly designed for requesting files from external parties. I believe they are working on more restrictive ways to use the feature in the future, but currently it is required to by Anyone links to use it.
Thank you so much, sadly this wont be an option for us. We were hoping this would be an option for internal users only as we do have several use cases where internal users could take advantage of this feature. Thanks again
If they are internal users then you have a few options. You can utilize SharePoint lists and turn on list item permisisons where users only see their own entry's and owners see all and link them to it.

You could also utilize the new Forms feature where you can have them upload attachments to a form submission and grab them there. This works for internal users only currently so should be fine in your use case. You could even tie a Flow to them to move the attachments to a destination folder and mark a column with who submitted etc.

You could also build a flow to move files over immediately apon upload to a library into a secure location and tag the name of the uploader to them.

Anyway, just a few alliterative idea's that would satisfy the need since we've had these options for awhile now and use them internally fine, external has always been the issue and the new Files upload in OneDrive solves this gap.

Hi @JMB125,


Just popping in here with a +1. Today the Request Files feature is only available if you have Anyone links enabled for your organization. We're looking at ways to improve this in the future. If you could enable Request Files links but not view/edit Anyone links, would that be a workable solution for your organization? Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

@Stephen Rice 
We have the same need to use the Request Files feature for internal users.  We currently do not allow external access to our OneDrive/Sharepoint so the "anyone" link is greyed out to all users.  I do think the solution you propose would work for us.

Thanks for the feedback @lpzemog!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

There are a number of companies that do not allow 'anonymous links', with either edit or view access.


Please develop this feature to allow 'specific people' links to be created.

Hi @Chas,


Thanks for the feedback! As I mentioned above, we're likely going to start by allowing admins to enable Request Files links without enabling normal view or edit anyone links but we'll look to enable this via other link types in the future. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

@Stephen Rice Any update on allowing request files without anyone links?

Hi @Jared Lambe,


This one is still high on our radar but we don't have a concrete timeline for this just yet. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

Hey Stephen,
5 months on, wanted to check in about progress with the above Request File.
Any progression on the roadmap?