Minor version limit exceeded

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How do you publish a major version on OneDrive for Business. I know how to publish it in SharePoint but getting users asking me how to submit a major version after they are getting this:

minor version limit exceeded


I don't see a Publish major version for OneDrive for Business?



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Might I ask why your users are using minor versions in ODFB? Is it possible to disable minor versions?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Sorry, so use to ask questions for clients...this is actually my ODFB. 

I can't recall changing the settings. Does it make a difference that the folder where the docs exist in is shared with another user...


So in SharePoint, I will go to Library settings -> versioning.

Dont find a library settings for ODFB...Where do i see what the settings is?


Ok...So i think it is safe to assume that there is no way to publish a major version on one drive for business?

So the only way would be to save with a new name...


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@Danie Claassen -  Switch to Classic OneDrive and then select the settings cog and select Show ribbon, now you can select the Documents tab and then select Library Settings from the Ribbon.   You can select versioning and switch it back to Create major versions.  The default number of versions is 500.


I hope this answered your question.  - Greg







@Gregory Frick Brilliant, Thanks.

Minor and Major were enabled but at least there I can publish a major version.


Really strange that you cant publish a major version in the modern experience. 


@Danie Claassen 


It is possible to publish minor version in OneDrive. You need to do the following: 


1 - Go to OneDrive Gear Icon and tap «settings»



Then scroll down until «return to old setting»




3 - From the Site Setting choose - «site and library»





4- Choose document



5 - Go to versioning settings




6 - From the versioning settings you can decide what you want. Note: Versions in OneDrive as in SharePoint can be set from a minimum of 100 to a max of 50000



Consider the below article about versioning in SharePoint


Enable and configure versioning for a list or library - SharePoint (


The difference is that in OneDrive the steps are different, but at the end of the day you will land at the same versioning settings page.