Migration issue

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Old Server has multiple ODFB syncs to SPO document libraries within one server user account. Old Server has more multiple ODFB syncs to SPO document libraries within another server user account. (Both server user accounts sync to same SPO user's site libraries.) The Old Server user accounts are on drive d:

New Server is being set up to replace Old Server. Drive d: from Old Server has been attached to New Server. New Server, therefore, shows all the variously synced ODFB folders as of the time the drive was attached.

That was a couple of days ago, and will wind up being a week before production switches from Old to New. That means the New Server ODFB folders will be both out of date, because missing that week's worth of production, and also having newer time stamps, because of when d: was attached.

How do I bring New Server's ODFB folders up to date without deleting the whole mess and syncing from scratch?



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