Mac (Mac book air) OneDrive client 17.3.6798 not syncing some team site libraries

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One of my user is having issues syncing some particular team site document libraries on MAC. We installed latest OneDrive cleint-Mar (17.3.6798) on Mac.

We were able to sync all files in OneDrive and 2 other team site libraries. But we try to sync a third library we get the error: Sorry we cant add "library name -folder" at the moment. Please try again.



Note that the same library that was not syncing on user1's Mac, was syncing on User2's Mac. Is there a log file on Mac where I can see more details on the error? As far as I know there are no limits on NGSC MAC client. I am not sure why the same library can be synced on one Mac but errors out on 2nd mac. Any help is appreciated. TIA


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Q: are you trying to sync a folder shared by an external user? This is what is causing my issue - it appears with ODFB you cannot sync a folder thats been shared with you by someone outside your org.