List items "Shared By Me" in Microsoft Graph

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I really need to be able to run a report and list all items in OD4B and SPO that have been shared by a user from an API. Given MS Graph is meant to be the place to be, and is replacing the OneDrive API I assumed I could use a query along the lines of {graph uri}/users/{user id}/drives/shared but no joy. A user can list and manage the files that have active sharing links by going to the OneDrive portal and viewing the SharedByMe list.

This reporting is essential as we have to be able to manage externally sharing of files as part of our security policies. If it is only accessible through the OneDrive API then how can I implement OneDrive API application permissions as this doesn't seem to be available in the AzureAD Application Registration blade.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Yours, Tom

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Afaik the graph only supports sharedWithMe currently, but interested to know if there is indeed a method...

Thanks Vasil

MSFT please add this to Graph. Link sharing from OD4B and SPO is very useful ; but without appropriate reporting the information risk is far too great to remain enabled. Surely it shouldn't be too difficult given the functionality is already in the Web interface

Really need that feature, company doing compliance and I have to show them the list of users permissions of their sharing file(s). Have created an web application which require employees to review their current status of shared file(s). Reviewed report will be saved in our database and show it to auditor. Without the "sharedByMe" API I'd hard coded it...... and always triggered throttling......