Issue when running both sync engines

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Has anyone else found a problem if they have both sync engines running. Synced an Office 365 Group document library which uses the Groove sync engine.  When into my OD4B and stopped syncing a folder, which then disappeared in the recycle bin.

Stopped syncing the Office 365 Group library and everything back to normal. You can stop syncing a folder in OD4B and it stays where it should be

Is this a bug or something to do with the tenancy settings?

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Botg sync clients should run on your computer side by side without problems...this is the theory, unfortunately ODFB Sync client story is full of problems and bugs...
Have you come across this before? and is a bug or something we can fix with our settings.

I have it running with no issues:
Next Generation Sync Client: OneDrive (Personal), OneDrive for Business with 2 Tenants
Groove.exe : to SharePoint on Premise

so give the New version of the Next Generation Sync Client (Preview) Version 17.3.6642.0922 a chance: Read here my experience

Yes the NGSE working with SharePoint libraries and offcie 365 Group sites may solve the problem.  However, until that is rolled out to all, it is still an issue which people should be aware of.