How to fix my columns (SharePoint view) for OneDrive

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I have a very specific issue that I would like help on from a top engineer behind OneDrive.  I have used the SharePoint migration tool to test out transferring of files from my SharePoint 2013 libraries, back to my OneDrive account. I don't know how, but it jacked up my "All Documents" view for my OneDrive account.  As a result my column headings in my personal OneDrive account are not the default column headings and I can't sync like I use to down to my local PC.





I had no idea that doing a SharePoint migration into OneDrive would jack up my OneDrive views.


How can I restore/reset the "All Documents" view back to default so that OneDrive is happy, and so I that I can sync back down to my PC for previous files before my columns got jacked?  I am a site collection administrator for my OneDrive account.  I can see "Modify this view" of my "All Documents View".  I can see all the check boxes for the jacked up column names selected.  


What should I do next?





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