Filters not working on shared excel document

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I have two excel documents shared with roughly 100 employees of mine within OneDrive. Both use similar functionality with basic filters for all active columns. 


When multiple users are in the document and they filter to the pertinent information for them, they select a filter which prompts the document to ask if they want to "See Just Mine" or "See Everyone's". They always select "See Just Mine" due to multiple users being in the document at the same time but wanting to see only their information. Was working normally for months. 


NOW...whenever someone goes to filter and click "See Just Mine", nothing happens. The filters do not change at all in any scenario. I thought the filters were broken so I tested and it DOES work if they click "See Everyone's". However, this can not be used do to multiple users needing to filter at the same time. 


This issue arose suddenly with both of my seperate shared documents at the same time. I attempted to save a local copy, repost, and reshare. This did not work. I also tried taking out the filters and re-inputting them. Also didn't work. Tried reaching out to any online or over the phone tech support, which also didn't work. 



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