Files-On-Demand: Some folders show the "syncing" icon but everything inside the folder is green.

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I'm using Onedrive with Files-on-Demand to sync information with a Microsoft Teams sharepoint site.  Everything syncs up like it's supposed to but some of the folders still show the double arrow sync icon as if they are still copying data.  When I open up these folders, everything inside of them shows the green check-mark meaning the files have uploaded completely.


When I hover over these folders, the Status is listed as Sync Pending but everything inside the folder shows as completely syncing.  I even tried Right-Clicking a folder and choosing Free Up Space.  Everything inside the folder then went to the Cloud icon but the top folder still shows as Sync Pending.


Is there some reason that these icons wouldn't be updating properly or might there be something wrong somewhere?



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Ah Ha!  I figured it out.  I had to go into File Explorer and turn off the Hide Protected System Files option.  I then found some orphaned Word/Excel files with the ~$Filename.docx type name.  I'll forcibly kill those and I think we'll be good.


Really, thanks for this solution, it was driving me crazy.
I had the same problem, but somehow missed to think about orphaned .docx files.


@Mike Boehm Thanks so much! This has been driving me nuts for months.


I'm not really familiar with these files, there's a bit more information at the following link if anyone is interested or wary about deleting them:

@Mike Boehm  Thanks, Mike.  Yes, your solution works if the reason for the continuous syncing is the presence of orphaned files.  However, many of my continuously syncing folders do not contain orphaned files.  In these cases, the only way I have been able to resolve the problem is to create a new folder and transfer all of the contents from the continuously syncing problem-folder to it.  So far, there has been no problem getting the new folder, with the original contents, to sync in OneDrive.  When syncing of the new folder completes, I delete the problem-folder and rename the new one.  I do not know why this works.  It implies that the problem is in the features of the problem-folder, not in the files it contains; but I cannot see anything in the properties or settings of the problem-folder that would explain it. 

Just for those who still have the problem - I always have hidden files visible and that's not my problem.