Files not visible while Uploading

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  • I am using OneDrive for students with a view to upload my backup on OneDrive (Web Version).
  • For the last 1-2 months I have been facing an issue or glitch in multiple browsers.
  • Whenever I try to upload a folder with multiple files, at that time there is not any file presented being uploaded in the progress bar.
  • What I tried:
    • I reinstalled my browsers.
    • I cleared cookies.
    • I checked the account settings.
    • I tried to upload different files in different locations & from different devices.
  • but after all such steps, the issue still exists.
  • yash_7200_0-1670580105598.jpeg


  • In the given picture, we can see that a folder is being uploaded but the progress bar is not showing any file which is being uploaded. In my case, this issue exists also in different browsers.
  • What should I do?



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