Downgrade OneDrive from Build 20.219.1029.0007 to Build 20.219.1029.0005("Free up space"-grayed out)

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I have a problem with OneDrive for Business - Build 20.219.1029.0007 and I would like to revert back to Build 20.219.1029.0005 if possible.


First, I don't know how did I get this version installed since december when according to OneDrive release notes it was launched recently - and until 12 January 2021 there was no mention about it when all of the others PCs had  Build 20.219.1029.0005.


WHY I want to revert it?: It has a problem with the "Free up space" option if there are multiple subfolders - it will remain "greyed out".

And this problem is reproductible: If you create a folder that has multiple subfolders/files that "root" folder will have "Free up space" greyed out.


The problem does not exist in Build 20.219.1029.0005 which are installed on my other PCs  - and here I don't understand why it seems I'm on the "Insiders ring" even the OneDrive does NOT have the "Get OneDrive Insider preview updates before release" option checked. Neither of my PC does not have this option activated.


So, is there a way to get back to Build 20.219.1029.0005?


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