Column width in OneDrive

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Has anyone heard from Microsoft if there is any plan to allow the user to set a fixed width on the columns in OneDrive like there is in document libraries in SharePoint?

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I have not heard something around this, but as you know ODFB is built on top of SPO so I could expect these features will come at some point
Yes, that was one reason why I find it strange that this is not working already.

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Today I was reminded on this post: so my question is: will Microsoft do something on this SIMPLE issue of beeing able of setting the column width in OneDrive (Note that it is obviously working for Sharepoint document folders, so why should it not work for OneDrive. It is a must to have this if you are a heavy corporate OneDrive user....

@Par Linderoth 


Dear Par, did you hear somthing helpful about this topic from Microsoft? 

(I was remeinded as actually, since one or two days, the OneDrive folder columns on my PC are completely frozen and I cannot even change column width temporarily anymore.... (and IT Service desk/HCL could not yet help me further)