Cannot sign into MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint

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Over last few days, I've been having serious issues with using MS Office applications. Firstly, Word, Excel and PowerPoint refuse to recognise my sign-in credentials (even if I am signed-in online). When I try to sign-in, I enter my email and then nothing happens... I try again and the process just loops. We have tried quick repair, online repair and reinstalling Office 365 and none have helped. When I ran the online repair, when MS Office reopened, it claimed I now have an unlicensed product (this is not the case and should not happen when simply running a repair)...


I've also had issues signing into SharePoint and OneDrive. We thought there was an issue with using multiple accounts with the same email address (i.e. one account created by Work/School IT Dept and the other a personally created account). I then changed the email on my personally created account but it did nothing to help.... 


I would really appreciate some help on this as it is seriously hindering my productivity and if such problems persist we're going to have to review our decision to use SharePoint/OneDrive for our cloud storage….

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Sorry to hear that you are having issues and it is hindering your work.

Could you please be able to provide me some more details.


What kind of account you are using? A Microsoft live account or office365?
If  yes, it is Office365, then what kind of license you have on your account? E1 E3 E3?
Are you the admin for your Office365 organisation?


What is the online address you use to access your Emails/Apps?
Exact version of Office app installed on your PC?

Are you a federated user? Do you login with same account to your PC? 

Is single sign-on (SSO) is working?


Is your subscription expired?
is your account enabled?
Surely your account isn't locked out?


Try to use "Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365"


Easy to use, download and run it. Login then follow the steps please.


Thank you