Can't resync between cloud and desktop

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I have eight SharePoint Directories synced to my Desktop File Explorer (also known as OneDrive sync when initiating the sync function from the browser).


Over the past month, 3 of those directories have come up with error messages that were only resolved by 'stopping sync'. 


Now, I can't sync them again as when I try to sync from the SharePoint directory in the browser, I get an error message saying "Sorry, we can't sync this folder. You're already syncing a shortcut to a folder from this shared library." Except, I'm not! 


The folder does not show the cloud icon on the desktop version (to confirm that its syncing) and the folder does not show up in my list of synced directories to restart sync (screenshot attached, taken from OneDrive icon/Settings/Account).


I've even moved two of the folders into another location and it still says I'm syncing them. 


Can anyone assist please? 

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