Can’t connect business OneDrive

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Just got a new windows 11 laptop.  I have Microsoft 365 installed on it through a subscription. It creates a OneDrive folder for that user. 

I tried connecting the additional OneDrive business files to that system but I get an error 0x8004deed. 

I have connected these OneDrive business files on 3 Other Windows 10 systems without any problems.


Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this?

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@Jeff94127 How did you go about ""connecting the additional OneDrive business files to that system "

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@Mike Williams 

I brought up OneDrive after installing it. I added my Business account using the username and password and it just connect it up on all of the systems I’ve tried it with. 

is it possible that the problem is that you cannot have more than one OneDrive connection. An account was created automatically for the local user. Do I have to delete that account in order to add a my business account or does Microsoft automatically handle having more than one OneDrive folder on the hard drive?

I do not understand your reply. I don’t see any way to translate it.
OneDrive, and OneDrive for Business are separate products,, so your first paragraph is under-described. However, you can have multiple instances of each running as I do and have for years.
The problem has been resolved.