Best way to migrate archived files from AWS S3 to OneDrive

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We have tens of GBs of data files that we would like to move over to OneDrive for convenience and speed of access reasons.  What is the best way to move the files?  We would prefer not downloading to a local server as access via Cloudberry is  s l o w.  Is there a tool/widget to access AWS and point to a new OneDrive location in one move?

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@TelecomTodd- for posterity - had the same issue but found out Microsoft now has a migration tool called Mover that can do this for you (cloud to azure blob/onedrive/sharepoint). Go to and log in with your Office 365 credentials to start.

@Erik_BE and @TelecomTodd - having the same issue here, years later.


Seems like mover doesn't cover AWS, or am I missing something? Any other options you?