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I have personal and Business One Drive accounts.

Clicking on the "me" icon on bottom right of app shows the file usage and free memory remaining for the personal account. This is not shown on the Business account. ?????????

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There will be a reason why this feature isn't available on your corporate profile, I could guess but that's all it would be.

I suggest that you use the Feedback feature on the same 'me' section of the app to suggest this feature, you may find that it has already been raised.

@SeanyG Thanks for the response, however I've learned to stay away from all such MSFT rabbit holes. All you ever do is end up going round and round and round in circles till you get too frustrated with the rhetorical bs and leave.

If it's not there, it won't be, if they can't see for to include that kind of info (likely based on one's expectation to purchase more memory at the last second as you all of a sudden run out of space) then their loss. I'll resort to google drive and dropbox.