Warning email that OD is scheduled for permanent deletion in 7 days

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Several of our users have received this email, including me regarding one of my team members. What causes this? Their account is not set to expire in AD. The users are still active in AD and are fully licensed. We are using out of the box retention policies. Any insights would be helpful. 



FrXXXXk CaXXXXl's OneDrive for Business is scheduled for permanent deletion in 7 days. You still have time to copy important documents to another location. After 7 days, Frank Carroll's OneDrive for Business will be permanently deleted. Go to Frxxk Caxxxxl's OneDrive for Business at https://XXXXX-my.sharepoint.com/personal/fcarXXll_XXXXs_com

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This was the only email I received. There was no 30-day email prior to this 7-day deletion notice

It looks like the deletion notice, but since the account doesn't match any of the conditions that should generate this, most likely it's a bug. Open a support request and report this, see what they answer.